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I understand that, as long as they are acting within the framework of the BSUK Welfare and Equity Policies, all instructions issued by Coaches must be followed. I understand that all participants of the Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club and British Softball Federation activities fall within the scope of the BSUK Welfare and Equity Policies and the BSUK Joint code of Conduct for Baseball and Softball, which apply to them as individuals.

I agree that participation in any activities with Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club is voluntary and that at no point may I hold Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club liable for any physical damage/injury that may occur during any activity organised by the Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club.

Parental/Guardian: I give permission for photographic/video images to be taken of my child on the understanding that the BSUK Policy on Photographic or Video Images of Young Players will be followed. I am in agreement that coaching staff/managers of the Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club may give permission, including written permission, for my child to receive medical treatment in an emergency and in my absence.


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