Birmingham Softball League

During the 2012 season the Bobcats decided to pick up where the old Westmidlands Softball League left off and re-introduce a weeknight league to the region. This was run as a recreational pilot league with teams created from within the Bobcats club... the Weasels,Hammerheads,Minotaurs and Roosters! and in 2013 the teams were Tadpoles and Roosters

The Minotaurs were victors of this inaugral competiotion in 2012 and 2013..however more importantly it was proven that a league was once again feasible.


These are exciting time for softball in the region...

As a direct result of the pilot league the BSL (Birmingham Softball League) was born. Their role is to facilitate the growth of the mid week league and promote the formation of new teams within the region.


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